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Customizable buttons toolbar


  • All images must be of the same dimensions. Default images are 16×16.



The command that will be executed when this button is clicked. Click 'Change' to change this.



Only the button image is displayed.

Image and selective text

The button image and text is displayed when selective text is enabled.

Selective text

No image is displayed; selective text is displayed when selective text is enabled.

Normal and hot tabs

The active tab refers to the image you are modifying. The hot image is displayed on mouseover; the normal image is displayed otherwise.



The default bitmap will be used for this command. Note that default bitmaps do not exist for all commands. For the hot image, this refers to the normal image.


A custom bitmap will be used.

Mask Type

The mask is used to specify which areas of the toolbar's bitmap will be transparent.


Select this if you do not wish to have any transparent areas, or are running Common Controls version 6 and wish to use a 32bpp bitmap with an alpha channel.


Select this option if you wish to use a bitmap as a mask. The bitmap must be a monochrome 1bpp bitmap.


Select this option if you wish to generate a mask from the area of the bitmap that is a particular colour. The colour you specify will be made transparent.

This option is only compatible with BMP images with colour depth less than or equal to 4bpp.


If you are using a custom image, this specifies the path to that image.

Mask path

If using a mask generated from a file, enter its path here.

Mask colour

If using a mask generated from a color, select the colour here.

Use custom text

Specifies that if text is displayed for this button, use this text string as opposed to the name of the command.

Text location

Selective text on the right

Displays selective text to the right of the image, for buttons with selective text enabled.


Displays text in all buttons, below the image.



Normal appearance.


Flat appearance.

No edges

Displays buttons with no padding or borders. Note: selective text is not displayed in this mode


Set all buttons using mask generated from colour...

Save to file

Load from file

Add from file

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