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Other Configuration


Use custom buttons

Enable to use custom button images; click on the … button to select the image file. The image should have all seven buttons adjacent to each other in one file, each equal size. The buttons can however be of any size; the buttons will be appropriately sized. This option requires a restart to take effect..

Visualisation frame

Choose which frame you would like around your playlist [none, sunken (client), grey (static)].

Reset toolbars

Set toolbars to their default state; use this if you accidentally disable all of them under xp theming.


When importing, import main window title, systray and status bar strings

If you like your current status bar etc. uncheck this to prevent it from being modified when importing.


Import columns ui settings from an exported .fcs file.

When exporting, export main window title, systray and status bar strings

If you want these strings in your fcs file check this box.


Export columns ui settings to an .fcs file.


Put dropped files at end of playlist

Puts files added by drag and drop at the end of the playlist.

Show keyboard shortcuts in menus

Shows keyboard shortcuts in menus.

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