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Playlists Configuration

Playlist switcher

This section contains options for the playlist tabs and the playlist switcher panel.

Enable playlist dragging

Allows you to change the order of playlists by dragging them in either the sidebar or the tabs.

Enable middle clicking to delete playlists

Enables clicking your middle mouse button (e.g. wheel) over tabs/sidebar to delete playlists.

Enable middle/double clicking to add playlists

Enables middle/double clicking over empty space in the tabs/sidebar to delete playlists.

Enable double clicking to rename playlists

Double clicking on a playlist will bring up the rename dialogue.

Enable playlists autohide

Hide tabs/sidebar when there is only one playlist left.

Playlist list item height

Height of items in the playlist switcher panel, relative to the font's height.

Playlist list edge style

Edge effect on the playlist switcher panel.

Use titleformatting for playlist title in panel

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