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Columns UI configuration: Playlist view: Columns



A list of all columns. Select one to modify it.


Move the selected column up.


Move the selected column down.


Create a new column.


Remove the selected column.


Apply the changes now.

Columns details: Options

Show column

Sets whether the column should be displayed or not.


The name of the column; this is displayed above the column in the header.


The width of the column in pixels.

Size weight

The weight of this column; used in auto-resizing mode to allocate extra space to a column. The weight determines the percentage of the extra space that a column gets. If this is zero, the column has a fixed width. Higher weight means the column gets a greater share of the available space. For the mathematically inclined, here is a formula to calculate the actual width (note that for technical reasons this is not the exact formula used):1)

(width + (size weight) * ( (window width) - (sum of all widths) ) / (sum of all size weights) )


Set the alignment for the column's title and text; this does not affect the columns items if using tab characters in that column's display string.

Linked meta field

Specifies the metafield to edit in inline metafield edit operations in this column. An empty value disables inline metafield editing on this column. See here for more information about inline metafield editing.

Playlist filters

Filter modes

Show on all playlists

Shows this column irrespective of the current playlist.

Show only on playlists

Shows this column only on playlists specified in the filter playlists text box.

Hide on playlists

Shows this column on all playlists except those specified in the filter playlists text box.

Specifying filter playlists

In the text box, enter the playlists to apply the playlist filter to (applies only to Show only on playlists and Hide on playlists filters).2) Separate multiple playlists by a semi-colon. You may use wild cards and question marks.

Columns details: Scripts

Use custom sort script

Uses the column's sort script for sorting by column instead of the display script.

Use custom style script

Allows you to overide the global style script using the column's style script.

Display tab

The title formatting expression used for formatting the display title.

Style tab

The title formatting expression used for setting the style. Applies only when Use custom style script is enabled. See Style script for more information.

Sort tab

The title formatting expression used when sorting by this column. Applies only when Use custom sort script is enabled.


Titleformatting help

Shows the titleformatting reference.

String help

Shows the style script reference.

Speed test

Benchmarks the speed of your column scripts

Preview script

Shows a preview of the active script

Change editor font

Changes the script editor font

the width will never be negative, in this case it will be zero, and the extra space gained is evenly distributed across the other columns
Note: currently playlists beginning with a space cannot be filtered
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