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Configuration: Playlist view: General


This section contains general options to customise the playlist.

Display ellipsis in clipped text

Truncates clipped text with an ellipsis character. Note: This only currently works with left-aligned columns.

Enable tooltips

Show tooltip of text when mouse is over it.

For clipped text only

Show tooltips only when the text is clipped.

Auto-size columns to use all available space

This resizes columns using a ratio set under columns settings. This also prevents the horizontal scrollbar from ever appearing, and resizing columns from the UI.

Display column titles

Show the columns titles.

Enable sorting using column titles

Makes the header titles act as buttons which sort by that column when clicked; disabling this will disable the mouse over effect when over columns, but also prevent you from clicking on them.

Display sort arrows on sorted playlists

Shows a sort arrow on a column after sorting by it

Enable mouse activated inline metafield editing

Controls behaviour for inline metafield editing activated through the left mouse button.

Vertical item padding

The vertical padding applied to each item in the playlist

Playlist edge style

Choose which frame you would like around your playlist [none, sunken (client), grey (static)].

Action to perform when doubleclicking on empty playlist area

Which action to perform when you doubleclick on an empty area of the playlist

Action to perform when middle clicking on playlist item

Which action to perform when you niddle click on a track on the playlist


These settings apply to NG Playlist only.

Display artwork in groups

Displays artwork in each group in the playlist. You can set up sources in the artwork page.

Column width

The width of the artwork column, in pixels

Display reflections

Displays a reflection underneath artwork images.

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