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Configuration: Playlist view: Globals


This section contains settings relating to the global_variables feature of the playlist.

Use global variables for display

Global variables are available in column display and colour strings.

Use global variables when sorting by column

Global variables are available when sorting by column. Note: if your global string is slow to process, this will severely slow down sorting. Optimise your global string for best results.

Enable legacy support for globals (Columns Playlist only)

Allows the use of the older syntax for the global variables script, which was used in foobar2000 0.8.x.

Make date info available

Makes %_system_year%, %_system_day%, %_system_month%, %_system_day_of_week%, %_system_hour% available in global variables string.

Tab: Variables

Enter your global variables string here. See the global variables page for information on its format.

Tab: Style

Enter your global Style script here. This script wil be the default for all columns.

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