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-Himy primary sebadir just started showing up under my postseven though ​it is a column layoutIm honestly not sure what I changed last, but I wasnt working with the sebadir at all.  ​Could ​you please help meThanks!+======= Frequently Asked Questions ======= 
 +===== General ===== 
 +==== Could you implement feature x? ==== 
 +Please check the list of [[.requests:​requests_list|known feature requests]] before requesting in the forum. 
 +===== Technical Support Questions ===== 
 +==== I downloaded Columns UIbut I don't know what to do with a .7z file ?! ==== 
 +The file is an archive created by [[http://​​|7-Zip]]. Most popular archivers can extract itincluding [[http://​​|WinRAR]]. 
 +If you use [[wp>​Total Commander]],​ you can have it treat 7-Zip archives like folders with the [[http://​​plugring/​7zip_plugin.html|7-Zip Total Commander Plugin]]. 
 +As with any foobar components you need to place the *.dll files in the components folder of your foobar2000 folder. 
 +==== I installed the plugin, but my foobar still looks the same. ==== 
 +Please check that you have selected Columns UI as the active user interface module. See the Installation section for more details: 
 +  * [[start#​Installation|0.3.0 Installation]] 
 +==== What do I do with an fcs or fcl file? ==== 
 +From the Columns UI page in preferences,​ goto the Main tab, and select "​Import"​. Alternatively,​ you can open them from the command-line. From 0.1.beta 4, the format is foobar2000 /​columnsui:​import:<​path>​You can use this to associate fcs files with foobar (foobar2000.exe /​columnsui:​import:"​%1"​). 
 +==== How do I load png files for the toolbar buttons? ==== 
 +You need the current versions of [[wiki:​libpng]] and [[wiki:​zlib]] in your foobar2000 folder. 
 +==== I changed ​my buttons to some PNGs. But they disappear next time I start foobar2000??​ ==== 
 +Make sure you put the libpng13.dll and zlib1.dll files in your foobar2000 directory, not the components directory. 
 +==== I hid the toolbars, now how do I get them back ?! ==== 
 +You can do this from the main preferences page in several possible ways: 
 +  * The default keyboard shortcut to bring up the preferences is ''​CTRL-P''​. 
 +  * You can bring up the preferences from the notification icon if you have one. 
 +  * As a last fail-safe resort, the command-line command ''​foobar2000 /​config''​ will bring up the preferences. 
 +==== I installed panel x, but it is not listed as a panel within foobar2000? ==== 
 +Most likely it was created for an older version of Columns UI, or you have an old version of Columns UI. Updating your components will usually suffice. 
 +==== changed one of the button images in the toolbars. Now all the others have disappeared??​ ==== 
 +All images must have the same dimensionsSee [[.config:​buttons]] for more information. 
 +==== I am running a 64-bit version of Windows, and I have rendering/​sizing/​scrollbar glitches with panels below a certain splitter depth ==== 
 +Unfortunately,​ this is caused by an "​oversight"​ in these operating systems. The issue would normally be faced with Columns UI and older, and when you have an application running that registers a certain type of global hook. Such applications have included Logitech SetPoint, multiple display utilities, a utility to block Windows key presses, Microsoft Spy++ and others. You can work around this issue by removing any such applications;​ normally you can test which one is registering such a hook by ending their processes in task manager. 
 +=== Technical details === 
 +[[http://​​forums/​index.php?s=&​showtopic=28647&​view=findpost&​p=609797|Some discussion]] 
 +The problem is caused by a combination of factors: 
 +  * Recursive SetWindowPos (i.e. through '​nested'​ child windows) calls depleting the kernel stack around twice as fast on 64-bit Windows 
 +  * Global WH_CALLWNDPROC/​WH_CALLWNDPROCRET hooks causing depletion of the kernel stack during recursive '​SendMessage'​ calls (the call here seems to be the WM_SIZE generated from WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED) 
 +The end result is that the maximum splitter depth on 64-bit Windows with a global hook is less than a quarter of what it is on 32-bit Windows without a global hook. 
 +A workaround is included in Columns UI and newer which minimises the impact of the global hook on the maximum splitter depth. **However, on 64-bit Windows the maximum splitter depth is still less than half of what it is on 32-bit Windows. Direct any complaints about that at Microsoft.**
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