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Known Issues


0.1.3 specific

See the changelog for a list of recently fixed issues

All versions

  • Under XP theming, the playlist switcher panel with a sunken frame uses the system window background colour in the window frame instead of the colour defined in Columns UI prefs (will not be fixed)
  • Cannot set a playlist filter for playlists beginning with spaces
  • If you have a vertical and a horizontal scrollbar in the playlist, there are painting problems in the little area that joins them.
  • Edit this column does not work properly if columns page is already up in prefs
  • Under XP theming, with broken visual styles, the status bar does not use the font specified in preferences in all parts, and is not sized correctly. The use of the incorrect font only occurs when a status bar font is specified in the theme you are using. (can/will not be fixed)

Closed (fixed in 0.1.3)

  • Toggling Bars mode in the visualisation may require you to select the context menu item twice.
  • Tabs in preferences do not have correct background on XP themes when Columns UI is not active UI.
  • If you use PNG custom buttons, and a libpng linked with a different CRT than Columns UI itself (0.1.2 uses msvcrt.dll), then this will result in a crash on startup.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in playback order dropdown conflict with standard shortcuts for combo box.
  • Typos in prefs
  • Double clicking on tooltip in playlist view/playlist switcher panel tooltip does not pass the double click onto the window. This is a bug in common controls version 6 (Windows XP and newer), workaround being sought.
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