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Playlist switcher

Displays your playlists, with the active playlist selected.

  • Left click on a playlist
    Switches to that playlist.
  • Right click on a playlist
    Brings up the context menu containing actions for that playlist, and all of the tracks in that playlist.
  • Middle or double clicking or left button dragging
    Performs various tasks depending on your settings. See configuration section for more details.
  • Dropping files on a playlist with left button
    Switches to that playlist, and adds the tracks to that playlist.
  • Dropping files on an empty area with left button
    Sends files to a new playlist.
  • Dropping files with right button
    Shows context menu allowing you to send the items to the playlist under the mouse, or to a new playlist.
    The colours of this panel can also be adjusted in preferences, as many other settings covered in the preferences section of this document.
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