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About suggestions and feature requests

Discuss suggestions and feature requests in the foo_ui_columns thread before posting them here. Include as much information as you can, post new suggestions in the unscreened section.

Note: These are only feature requests that may be implemented. The suggestions section is NOT a to-do list.

Suggestions and feature requests

Short term / 0.3.x


  • Different colours for frames of selection
  • Tab stack: Multi-line mode
  • Filter search toolbar
  • Media library search toolbar
  • Make size of separators configurable
  • Duplicate layout preset button
  • More flexibility regarding im/exporting layout presets
  • Various panels: Autocomplete for in-line metafield editing
  • Alternating line colours in more standard panels
NG Playlist
  • Globals support in group scripts
  • Some implementation of a rating columns
  • Collapsible groups
  • Support for group index / count accessibility in display scripts
  • Grouping presets, with possibility to select a preset on a per-playlist basis
  • Artwork on right side of playlist
  • Lock from double clicking/pressing enter to play tracks
Filter Panel
  • Multiple columns per panel
  • Info columns: Total size, total length, number of tracks, average rating, codec, folder path, date.
  • Option to ignore leading 'The' when sorting for display
  • Option to exclude tracks without the selected field from the 'All' item
  • Option to hide 'All' item
  • Option to hide column titles
  • Use sources other than media library (playlists, …)
  • Make it easier to re-autosend an entry when reactivating a Filter Panel
Item properties
  • Option to display all metadata
  • Display some other tech info fields
  • Option to hide the column titles
Playlist switcher
  • Sortable columns
  • Sorting via shortcut menu
  • Multiple selections
  • Possibility to create separate playlists when dropping multiple playlists or folders.
  • Grouping
  • Possibility to specify sources of “Artist picture” type
Artwork view
  • Ability to zoom an image to: the source image size, …
  • Option to display placeholder image when no tracks are active
  • Fading between image changes
Album List Panel (separate component)
  • $swapprefix etc. functions for branched fields
  • Album List Panel: remember scroll position across foobar2000 instances
  • 'collapse children' action in item shortcut menu
Item details
  • Tab character support
Buttons toolbar
  • Group multiple commands into drop-down button
  • State indications for some standard foobar2000 commands
  • Vertical and wrapping options

Known issues

  • Incompleteness of live editing
  • Filter Panel does not save field list to FCL file
  • Issues scrolling system focus rectangle in Columns Playlist and NG Playlist
  • Auto-hiding splitters don't mix with drag and drop
  • Album list panel: hiding filter box doesn't reset the active filter query

General suggestions

add vista glass option

make width of the separators configurable or at least > 2

add snapping between separators?

add "cross"/"matrix"-type splitter?

Customisable playlist view tooltips

Toolbars at bottom of window

Inserting images into playlist alongside text (useful for adding graphical stars for rating, consider adding to short-term todo list)

Changing the boldness/italicness of text from the formatting string


Button down images for playback buttons

Drop several folders as several playlists

Changing the colour of the sorted column

Completely customisable playback buttons padding

Make scrollbars optional in playlist view

make vis colours more configurable

Have the ability to define different colours for the bars in the default vis for columns UI.

Meaning being able to split the bars into either two or three sections (both options would be nice) and assign different colors to those sections, i.e., one color for the bottom section and one for the top section. Bars should be divided according to window height.

Ability to use gradients for the bars could be really neat as well.

Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch between tabs (standard windows behaviour)

Alt+Backspace / Alt+Shift+Backspace - undo/redo in edit controls (standard windows behaviour)

Better feedback for drag and drop

  • Select playlist in playlist switcher panel when dropping on that playlist in the panel
  • Show deny icon when dropping in/on locked playlists

Customisable spectrum analyser FPS

Customisable tooltip text in custom buttons

Customisable bitmaps for different button states

E.g. for play/pause button

Ability for flat main menu

have more than one columns playlist

   eg. columns playlist a| column playlist b instead of what happens now when u add another playlist columns playlist a| column playlist a

New (unscreened) suggestions

Clear Filter Button for Filter Panels

It would be nice to have a single button that resets all filter panels to display “All”, similar to the new Clear Filter Search button (which only resets the search string).

Support the windows relative path for the bmp of "customise buttons"!!

eg. %userprofil%\ or %windir%\ …..

Eliminate need for separate Search Filter

Make the standard Foobar2000 search filter toolbar functional with CUI to eliminate the need for the duplicate capability and allow the saving of favorites that the standard search filter provides

Allow configuration of different toolbars for different layouts

current functionality applies the same toolbar configuration to all layout presets. Specifically consider adding a toolbar config ability on the “layout” tab.

Lock splitters for sizing

To avoid panel sizes from being changed accidentally (different from the current lock, which just keep the size when foobar is resized)

Transparent Album List Panel

Make the background of Album List Panel invisible so background artwork can show through.

Option fb window hide titlebar

Make the Option hide and show titlebar.

Album list panel / Filters: %_node% tag for auto send to playlist or action "auto send to auto renamed playlist"

A playlist automatically renamed to the name of the node (with a simple left click) to have different playlist's columns/groups views script by node name. (Sort of mix between “send to new playlist” and “send to automatic playlist”)

Option for tracking mode/selection viewers (automatic): "Prefer current selection" or "Prefer current playing track"

In order that the automatic selection could prefers the current selection in album art viewer, items properties and items details (and maybe other panels) (It's implemented in DUI: preferences > display, maybe it's possible to reuse this one)

Items properties: Support tags like $info(codec) or %__codec%

or at least the possibility to select/order the sub-items of “information sections”

Filters: Full support of multivalue tag fields

Allow use of title formatting with multivalue tag fields in filters and elsewhere Perhaps adopt the multivalue handling methods of Facets, or require the co-installation of Facets and enable the use of its multivalue methods in Columns

Filters: Option to view only items which have no value for the selected field

Who knows how many untagged items may be lurking in the depths of your library?!

Filters: Separate display title and sort title

Specifically to help properly sort Japanese, which is displayed in two different sets of characters but is sorted using only one. In general, allow the use of one method to sort content of filters and another method to display of filters (for example: display what is in %artist%, sorted based on %artistsort%)

Improved Artwork View

1) handle same artwork types as Mp3tag: (front cover, back cover, other, icon, leaflet, media, lead artist, artist, conductor, band, composer, lyricist, recording location, during recording, during performance, video capture, illustration, band logotype, publisher logotype)

2) display multiple images for each artwork type

3) cycle through images either with a mouse click or automatically cycle

4) do #1 through 3 above with embedded images at least, perhaps also with images from other specified sources

5) click on image launches image in default image viewer

NG Playlist

Display certain tags for album directly under album art image

Certain tags like: %date%, %album%, %album artist%, %compilation%, %itunescompilation%, %genre%

Grouping Presets

With 3.8.8, the the sort format is forced to be the same on all levels of a preset setting for a grouping. We request that the the force-sort setting be allowed to be different for each level of the preset for a group

Colours and Fonts

Expand the Colours elements to be the same as the Font elements (be able to set custom font colours for each and all font elements)

Ensure that the search toolbar element works on all tag fields. Tag fields with dates and times are not recognized by the current search toolbar element.

Improve scope of settings saved in .fcl file

various settings under File>Preferences that do not appear saved within .fcl file:

Display>Columns UI>filter: sort incoming, field settings

Display>Columns UI>playlist view: grouping scripts

Filter information as already noted above

Rejected feature requests

These features will never be implemented:

Standard menu

serves no purpose, toolbar menu works fine

Applying status bar font to entire status bar

This occurs because common controls version 6 will use the font specified in the current theme instead (if one is specified).

Possibility for variables in string scripts to persist through multiple executions

( useful in not displayig redundant information in albums…)

I dont think this will work in any nice way. — musicmusic 2005/04/01 14:13

Perform actions with checkboxes

Check boxes in playlist beside each track to select certain tracks in a long playlist and perform actions on them (like in itunes).

reason: no different to using selections, etc.
You're motherf***er idiots who wrote this “> reason: no different to using selections, etc.”.
Checkbox column (marker column) is one of the most needed feature UI_columns lacks.
There is nothing in common between selection and checkbox. Try for example select several lines(songs) in playlist and then choose different song to play (your selection will be gone and you with you selection will f*** with all your songs to remember what was selected)
Mind your language if you actually want to be taken seriously. At some point foo_utils had (and hopefully still does) a 'Collect tracks' feature which may be useful to you. — musicmusic 2009/04/10 19:12
Well done for editing your swearing, but it broke the wiki formatting. Fixed. Anyway this is not changing anytime soon in the built-in playlist views. Assigning middle click to add to playback queue may be useful to you also. — musicmusic 2009/04/11 13:50

Export fcs file to xml file

  • For easy editing

make button configuration dialog smaller, so that it fits on a 800x600 screen

Hide selection frame

Customisable selection frame for each column

Global "extensions" for global string

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