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-====== Configuration: Database ====== +I had the same dilemma as you and here'the factsThere are just a few drenfiefces between the first and second generationThe second generation has a built-in speaker and a volume rocker on the sideIt also has better hardware which makes it run faster. There is also bluetooth capability that you can unlock with the new firmware (its an internal software upgrade) you can purchase for $ 10Also there is also microphone capability when used with headphone that has microphone built in.In all honestyits really not that necessary since those add-ons are minor conveniences and the speakers on mp3 players are not that great to begin with.Most people won't notice the difference in performance between the second generation and first generation iPod touch unless you love to play video games on it.
-{{ :dop:config:database.png }} +
-===== Settings overview ===== +
-==== Metadata ==== +
-After changing these settings, you can apply them to existing tracks on the iPod by: +
-  - On the **File** menu, point to **iPod**, and then click **Load library**. +
-  On the shortcut menu for the affected tracks, point to **iPod**, and then click **Update metadata on iPod**. +
-=== Artist/Title/Album/Genre/Composer mappings === +
-Specifies a title formatting script to remap the contents of these fields. +
-=== Compilation mapping === +
-Specifies title format script that determines whether track is part of a compilationThe script should output 1 for compilations, and nothing otherwise. +
-=== Sort artist/title/album/composer mappings === +
-Specifies a sort order title formatting script to remap the contents of these fields. +
-=== Allow the use of sort order metadata fields from tags === +
-Specifies that sort order metadata fields from tags are to be used instead of sort order title formatting script to remap the contents of these fields. +
-=== SoundCheck adjustment / SoundCheck preference === +
-Specifies the adjustment to be applied when converting [[ha>ReplayGain]] data to SoundCheck data. +
-==== Other ==== +
-=== Date added value === +
-Specifies the value of the date added field on the iPod. ''Date added to media library'' requires the [[|Playback Statistics component]]. +
-==== Database ==== +
-After changing these settings, you can manually apply them by: +
-  - On the **File** menu, point to **iPod**, and then click **Rewrite database**. +
-=== Ignore leading 'The' and 'A' (not compatible with 5G iPods) === +
-Ignores any leading 'The' and 'A' when sorting items and browsing tracks on the iPod. For example, ''The Simpsons'' would be listed under ''S''. This option can cause issues with some 5G iPod firmwares with respect to the "scroll by letter" feature. +
-=== Place numbers and symbols last === +
-Places numbers and symbols last when browsing tracks on the iPodDisabling this causes some issues with the "scroll by letter" feature on the iPod Classic/Nano 3G/touch/iPhone. +
-=== Force playlists to be sorted alphabetically === +
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