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Configuration: iPod Features

Settings Overview


Add artwork to files sent to iPod

Enable this to make the component copy artwork to the iPod when copying files to the iPod

N.B. On Windows XP/Server 2003 only, admin privileges are required for artwork support.

Source script

Specifies the source of the artwork. This is a title formatting script, that specifies the absolute or relative path to the artwork. You should not specify the file extension. You can use wild cards within the file name.

Additionally use foobar2000 built-in artwork reader

Enables the use of the foobar2000 native artwork reader as an artwork source. This has the benefit of supporting embedded artwork, but you cannot customise its behaviour. The external locations checked are:1)

  • folder.*
  • front.*
  • cover.*

Create thumbnails for video files

If enabled the component will attempt to create thumbnails for video files sent to the iPod. This requires compatible DirectShow filters to be installed. The tested combination of filters is:

Note: Buggy filters may cause crashes, so this option is disabled by default.

Gapless playback

Determine gapless data for files sent to iPod

Automatically determines gapless playback data when copying files to the iPod.

Set dummy data for files without gapless data

This sets dummy data for files which the component does not find gapless data. This prevents iTunes from determining gapless data for these files.


General notes

  • If you find the component picking up artwork you cannot find, check for hidden folder.jpg files and artwork embedded in your files.
  • When using title formatting in your sources, you need to take care of invalid filename characters. You can do this via $replace, for example:
    $replace(%album artist% - %album%,",,?,,*,.,/,)

Adding missing artwork after changing settings

After changing artwork settings, you can force the component to recheck for artwork for files on the iPod without artwork by the following steps.

  • Load your iPod library to a playlist. (File/iPod/Load library).
  • Select all files, from the shortcut menu run 'iPod/Update artwork' ('Update metadata' or 'Update metadata on iPod' on older versions).

This only works for files sent by the component on the same computer.

as of foobar2000 version 0.9.5
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