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foobar2000 components

Columns UI Panels

NameCategoryDescriptionHomepage Edit Information
Album List PanelMedia library viewerPanel version of the Album List component. Allows you to browse your media library in a hierarchical structure.http://yuo.bealbum_list_panel
Album Art PanelAlbum artDisplays album art in a Panel.
Console PanelDiagnosticPanel version of the console. Displays diagnostic messages.http://yuo.beconsole_panel
iPod managerPortable devicesiPod manager. Provides iPod Devices panel.http://yuo.beipod_devices
projectM Visualisation PanelVisualisationPanel version of projectM visualisationhttp://acropolis.lokalen.orgprojectm_panel
TypefindSearchIn-line search toolbar.http://yuo.betypefind
WMP VisualisationsVisualisationAllows you to use Windows Media Player visualisations in a Panelhttp://acropolis.lokalen.orgwmp_visualisations

Adding components to the above list

Create a subpage in the fb2k:components namespace with the following syntax:

---- dataentry ----
type               : Columns UI Panel
name               : Component Name
description        : Component Description
category           : Category (Visualisation, Media Library viewer etc.)
component filename : foo_xxx.dll
panel guid         : GUID of panel (Optional, leave blank if unknown)
homepage_url       :

Do not rename or remove pages once they have been created

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