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Beating the Summer Heat

Whether you air conditioning happens to go out or you’re just trying to lower your monthly energy bills, there are actually ways to cool yourself without air conditioning!

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While sleeping

Get a fan for your room - A fan on a low setting that can keep a light breeze blowing across your room can work wonders. If you don't like air blowing directly on you while you sleep, you can still make your room cooler by using a fan in your window to circulate fresh air. Hang up your bedding in the coolest part of the house during the day. As soon as you get up, take your bedding to the coolest room in the house (in the basement, or where there's the most shade) and hang up the blankets and sheets so that each side is exposed to the air. Take them down and put them back on your bed just before you go to sleep. Use silk or satin pillowcases, and satin sheets. These fabrics will feel smoother and cooler as you sleep. If you wake up too hot, consider how many coverings - e.g. over 80F/26C maybe sleep uncovered, over 73F/23C 1 sheet, under that 1 blanket, etc.

Cooling your house

Close your blinds - Shutting your blinds and curtains during the day will help block the sun's heat. As soon as the sun hits your building in the morning, close all windows and keep exterior doors and windows closed throughout the hottest part of the day. Do this until night falls and it's cool enough to open the windows for the night. Insulate your home - A home that has well-insulated walls and attic will actually keep the heat out of the house in hot summer months. There are lots of insulation options to choose from, including types that can be conveniently blown into your walls without much problem. Another bonus is that there may be government grants to help offset the cost of this kind of upgrade. Plant trees - Large leafy trees can shade your home or yard and keep things considerably cooler. Deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves in winter) will allow sunlight through in winter and create shade in summer.

While these are all good temporary solutions, in Georgia you really need a good air conditioning unit. With temperatures already in the 90s and rising, you could run the risk of injuring yourself from overheating! If your air conditioning is out, call AmeriServe. We can help!

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