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-If you are looking to upgrade your existing television to a digital TV you may require a new antenna. To get easy antenna installation all you need to do is contact your favorite online antenna retail website and choose the type of antenna you would like to purchaseWhen the installer arrives at your door you can sit back and relax because the antenna installation will be entirely in the installers capable hands. The installer will know what type of antenna you purchased and will coordinate it with your television set tooIf you still have an analog TV you may require a unit that lets the digital transmission be displayed on the analog TV. If you purchase new digital TV in Australia you should look for that HD tick on the TV you are looking at so you know that the TV will be both digital and HD capable.+===== Welcome ===== 
 +Welcome to the Columns UI and iPod manager wikiHere you will find resources on Columns UI and iPod manager, including useful documentation and troubleshooting informationBefore editing the wiki, take few minutes to browse through the getting started section below.
-For a TV to be HD means that the TV can display HD shows and stationsHD or high definition is not the only one of the digital TV formats there are two others. You can choose standard TV format which is the lowest quality resolution that you would see on your screen. Then there is HDTV which is a high resolution and wide screen format that has different pixel combinations. Then the other format is EDTV or enhanced definition TV which is a better quality screen resolution. This one is not as common. Then there is your antenna which is what picks up the broadcasting signals.+===== Contents ===== 
 +  * [[.columns_ui:start|Columns UI wiki]] 
 +  * [[.dop:start|iPod manager wiki]]
-Different antennas pick up different strengths of broadcasting signals. Also there is an indoor antenna and the antenna that is installed outside your home. This type of antenna will be up in the air and the higher up it is the better the reception will be because there is less interference like buildings or other structures that interfere between the antenna and the broadcasting station signal. It often is mounted on the roof of a home or garage. As Australia turns from PAL or phase alternating line, which is the current TV system in Australia, to the European TV system of DVB-T version of digital TV which is different from the US version of digital TV residents may have to upgrade or convert from their analog TV and analog capable antenna to a digital TV and perhaps a digital capable antenna installation. Australia is converting over and this conversion should be complete by December 2013.+===== Editing the Wiki ===== 
 +  * [[wiki:syntax|Syntax reference]] 
 +  * [[wiki:usage|Edit guidelines]] 
 +  * [[wiki:dokuwiki|More about DokuWiki]]
-There are different [[|hd antennas]] which are meant to be installed outdoors. These are either directional antennas or omni or from every direction antennas. An antenna picks up the broadcasting signal and transmits it through a cable to a receiver in a TV, VCR or other viewing device. With digital TV the TV will get a perfect picture as long as it gets sufficient signal strength. That is why the antenna installer that comes to the house will make sure that the antenna they are installing is the right [[|hdtv antenna]] for you. 
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