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Edit Guidelines

The concept of the wiki is that anyone can add to it at any time. Whilst browsing the wiki, if you feel you have useful information to add, feel free to click the edit button and add it.

When editing pages, try to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Use all five levels headings appropriately.
  • Fill something relevant into the edit summary field.
  • Use meaningful names for new pages.
  • When creating new pages, ensure you are creating them in the correct namespace.

If you wish to do so, you can register by clicking on the login link and then the register link.

You can click on the “Columns UI Wiki” text in the top right-hand corner to return to the start page at any time.

For syntax information, see the syntax page.

The following additions apply in this wiki:

Tagz code highlighting



Source code

Click the 'Edit this page' button to view the source code.

Ha interwiki


You can link to articles in the HA wiki, for example Foobar2000:Foobar2000

Source code

You can link to articles in the HA wiki, for example [[ha>Foobar2000:Foobar2000]]
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