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Layout configuration


You can manage layout presets here and set the active layout preset.

Layout tree

Displays the layout in a hierarchical structure. Right-click on the tree to customise it.

FIXME complete section

Item details

Contains some settings for the selected node in the tree.

Show caption

Displays a caption above or on the left of the panel.


Hides the panel


Hides the panel and shows it automatically when the mouse hovers over its separator.


Prevents the panel from being automatically resized.

Create left toggle area

Creates a one pixel border on the left of the panel which can be used to show or hide the panel by clicking in it. Useful when the main window is maximised.

Use custom title

Allows you to change the caption title


Settings to control auto-hide behaviour for splitters with autohide enabled. Allows you to customise the delay when showing and hiding the splitter.

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