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Configuration: Conversion

The two recommended encoders are Nero Digital Audio (AAC) and LAME (MP3).

Nero Digital Audio

The default encoder. Available from here.

Example settings:

  • Encoder: The location of neroAacEnc.exe
  • Parameters: -q 0.40 -lc -ignorelength -if - -of %d
  • Extension: m4a


Available from here

Example settings:

  • Encoder: The location of lame.exe
  • Parameters: -S --noreplaygain -V 5 --vbr-new - %d
  • Extension: mp3

Settings Overview

Convert files which are in a format not supported by the iPod

If you enable this, formats other than those supported by the iPod will be automatically converted by the component.


Path to encoder executable.


Encoder parameters. You should use %d as the output file and configure the encoder to use stdin as the input.


Specify the file extension of the converted file.

Number of concurrent encodings

Specifies the number of conversions that will take place concurrently. Selecting Auto will use the same number of concurrent encoders as processor cores available to the application.

ReplayGain scan converted files

Specifies whether to ReplayGain scan converted files automatically (which will be converted into SoundCheck information automatically). To enable this option, you will need the ReplayGain scanner component version 2.0.6 or newer, distributed with foobar2000 or newer; the option will be unavailable otherwise.

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